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Individual Therapy

I offer psychological assessment and therapy sessions in person, at Croft Myl in Halifax, UK, and online via Zoom video call. The best treatment approach will be decided in your initial appointment and will be tailored to your current difficulties, values and goals.

Following your initial assessment, therapy sessions will involve building a shared understanding of your difficulties and learning coping strategies to help you manage long term.

Sessions cost £110 and last up to 55 minutes. The number of sessions can be tailored to you - there is no minimum or maximum and sessions are regularly reviewed.

If you'd like to find our more or to arrange a free initial phone call, please get in touch via the link below. 

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Healthcare Insurance

You can use your healthcare insurance to cover the cost of psychological therapy. 

I am registered with the following companies:







Simply check with your insurer whether your policy will cover our sessions, how many sessions they will cover and contact me to arrange your first session. 

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Workshops and Wellbeing Sessions

I offer workshops and wellbeing sessions for groups and teams.

These sessions can be tailored to the needs of your group or organisation. They range from general wellbeing talks and practice sessions to specialist workshops covering topics such as:

Stress & anxiety management 



Overcoming self criticism

Self Compassion

My workshops offer a warm and informative space to gain new understandings and skills for improving mental health, mental wellbeing and psychological resilience.

If you'd like to discuss a workshop topic or wellbeing session for your group or organisation, please get in touch by clicking on 'Send an Enquiry'  below. 

Please note, workshop fees are dependent on your needs as a group/ organisation and will be discussed in your initial call.

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